Lucky Ladies Charm Online

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The range of games from Novoline covers a vast amount of themes targeted towards different sorts of players with varying interests. One of the most popular and highly played games is the Lucky Ladies Charm online title that is a smash hit with players from all over the world. The game has a very intricate theme that is very popular with players and aims to take users on a fantasy adventure to an imaginary world. The theme of the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is very much a fantasy adventure that will appeal to fans of lots of different fantasy films and books. If players love the following fantasy films they will really enjoy this slot game, Stardust, Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings. The Lucky Ladies Charm online game focuses on totally absorbing players in an alternative reality world where everything is very different. The world in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is very mystical and magical and aims to take players to this wonderful and very beautiful place. The games elaborate theme is delivered to players through outstanding visual and sound effects which aim to create this completely different reality for players to enjoy.

The Lucky Ladies Charm online fantasy theme places players in the shoes of a travelling lady who is wondering a mystical land. This fantasy land is incredibly beautiful and has purple skies and yellow fields. The travelling lady is wondering across these fields in search of different lucky objects that will help her find riches and her home. The main aim in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is to find the mystical lucky charm which is the most powerful object in the game. The player on their quest to find this will come across several other lucky objects to find and collect. The visual effects that are used to create this mystical world and theme are excellent as they are designed to totally immerse the player in a make believe reality. The visual effects of the Lucky Ladies Charm online game cover the background of the slot, the title text and the symbols. The background of the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is a visual delight as it is a fusion of purple and pink colours that are displayed with smoke and mist. The combination of colours and the smoky and misty effect creates a very mystical and magical feel to the slot game.

The symbols of the Lucky Ladies Charm online game are one of the visual highlights of the slot as they really look great when they arrive on the reels. The symbols as well as the traditional 9, 10, J, Q, K, A are themed lucky objects like the four leaf clover, magic ball, ladybird, horseshoe, lucky penny and a beautiful lady. These different objects in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game are all in keeping with the games mystical lucky theme. The symbols all arrive on the reels in very bright and vibrant colours with crystal clear effects that look excellent. The symbols when they are lined up to create a winning line all perform a wonderful 3D effect that brings the Lucky Ladies Charm online game to life. An example of a symbol performing this effect is the ladybird as when it arrives on the reels it spreads its wings and flies off which looks incredible. The next important visual effect in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is the title text that is a green colour, this colour is very fitting as it’s thought of as a very lucky colour. The font used in the game is a very large and pretty italic style which looks great on the screen.

The combination of these three visual effects looks great on the screen and really creates a mystical feel to the Lucky Ladies Charm online game. The other key element in delivering a theme to players is the sound effects that are played. The sound effects of the Lucky Ladies Charm online game are brilliant as they manage through electronic sounds to create a very mystical and weird feel to the game. The sound effects also manage to create a relaxing atmosphere for players through soothing tones which is very important to relax players whilst they are playing. The individual winning line combinations in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game have their own personalized sound effect to go with them that adds lots of value for players. The various bonus rounds in the game all have their own sounds that start to play to signalize the feature has been activated. The game play of the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is ultimately the most important factor for players as this controls how much money a player can win. The slots game play consists of the format of the casino game and the bonuses that can be activated by players.

The format of the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is a five reel and ten win line slot where players have a good amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The game includes three bonus features designed at improving player’s chances of achieving high winnings. The first of the bonuses in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is the scatter bonus which is activated by the lucky charm symbol. The player needs to spin in these symbols to the screen and this activates fifteen free spins and any winnings made during these spins are trebled. The next bonus in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is the substitute bonus that is represented by the beautiful lady symbol. This symbol has the ability to swap with any other on the board except the magic ball to create a winning line. The final bonus in the Lucky Ladies Charm online game is the online gamble feature where players can double or lose their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet. This bonus is a very risky one but is a good way for players to quickly and aggressively raise their prize fund. The combination of these three bonus features and the exciting format of the slot create a potentially very lucrative game.